Elvin Duncan - Bass, Vocals, Engineer, and Songwriter

California grown, Elvin has been playing music in Sonoma County for over 3 decades.  He sings, plays bass, guitar, and keyboards. His first love is writing songs and he also likes studio engineering, bike riding, and scuba diving. A short list of some past bands Elvin has played in includes: Sparkz, Boys Night Out, The Stragglerz, and the Electric Storm. He is also fond of verdigris, cozy davenports, and tropical breezes. 


Craig Vipond - Drums, Backing Vocals

Craig played drums in a couple of high school bands, and then took some time off to raise a family and dominate the Ukiah Softball League. But the call to play Rock 'n Roll pulled him back, and now he's rocking steady for The Sonoma Goods Band. Craig is one of the few genuine double bass drummers playing out today. In his spare time Craig likes to ride dirt bikes and work on his ranch.

John Reese - Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

John always loved playing harmonica and spent a lot of time jamming at parties with his future bandmates. Not just satisfied with the harp, he learned to play guitar, and started writing and singing songs. It wasn't long until he started the Open Hearts Band, and began playing venues in the North Bay. John likes to spend time with his family, and whenever he's not busy with musical things, he goes fishing. His faves include wine tasting and outdoor concerts.

Nancy Freitas - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

Since she was a little girl, Nancy loved music and singing especially. She sang in choir and learned to play guitar to accompany herself. When she heard John was putting a group together, she joined John and Ron in the Open Hearts Band. John naturally included her in the Reunion performance, and now The Sonoma Goods Band is happy she's along for the ride. Nancy also loves to dream up exotic recipes and to go swimming in Sulfur Creek.

Ronnie Bakersfield - Lead Guitar, Songwriter

Ron always thought playing in a Rock 'n Roll band looked like a lot of fun, so he learned to play guitar. He then went on to a stellar career with Classic Rock bands like the Spy-Dels and Johnny B and the Stingers. Along the way, he also played in several original bands with Elvin and friends. John brought him on board for the Open Hearts Band, and Ron enthusiastically agreed to play lead for the Reunion group that became The Sonoma Goods Band. Whenever possible, Ron likes to play pinball and work on his paintings.